Naviate Rebar Extension

Automate the process of generating reinforcement for elements like beams, columns and piles.

  • Automatic reinforcement generation. Perform an automatic process of generating reinforcement for elements as beams, columns, piles.
  • Beams. Generate reinforcement for a rectangular cross-section of a beam in an Revit and Robot.
  • Columns. Generate reinforcement for rectangular and round cross-sections of an RC column in an Revit and Robot.
  • Piles. Generate reinforcement of a pile defined in a Revit model. You can generate reinforcement for a single pile or a group of piles positioned under the pile cap.

To generate the reinforcement:

  • select the elements of the structure to generate the reinforcement
  • specify the parameters used when generating the reinforcement

After the extension generates the reinforcement, messages concerning the process of generating the reinforcement for individual elements, display. Note: You can generate the reinforcement for all elements except retaining walls and slab corners.


A: Unfortunately, this is not available from Symetri/Naviate. Please look to Autodesk Update or Autodesk App Store for download.

A: Please send an email to


We have published a page under FAQ for known issues with the existing commercial version of Naviate Rebar Extension. See it here.