Naviate Infrastructure

Naviate Infrastructure is a bundle of Naviate Road, Pipe and Landscape. Together with Civil 3D you have everything you need for your infrastructure projects. Please refer to each individual product for detailed description.

Complete package for infrastructure design

Naviate Infrastructure includes all templates and settings required for a complete interdisciplinary infrastructure project. Save money with one Infrastructure licens that gives you access to all functionalities in Naviate Pipe, Road & Landscape.

Save time
Collected functions

Comprehensive Toolset

With Naviate Infrastructure the user gets the benefits from the efficient Road Design Tools in Naviate Road, simple Visualisation Tools from Naviate Landscape and quick Elevation Tools in Naviate Pipe. Together with Civil 3D you have everything you need for a complete infrastructure project.

Learn more about Naviate for Civil 3D general features

Select object with Property

Selects items with specified properties, in order to export or examine the properties of the objects. After objects are selected, use the Properties palette to change the properties.

Export and Import Properties

Export property data from objects matching a selected filter to a CSV. After editing the CSV-file, the Property data can be imported to the objects in the file.

Create Property Set from CSV

Create Property sets from column names in a CSV -file.

Export and Import Property set from XML

Export and Import finished property sets from and to a drawing with related lists.

Match Properties from CSV

Imports matching columns/Properties from a cSV_file by matching one or two properties on the objects with one or two columns in the csv-file.

Copy Property Data

Copies property set with information from one objects to several.Note option "Copy to clipboard" that saves selection to command NVPropPaste.

Trusted by professionals

Kier Professional Services Trevor Norman
Naviate is an extensive package that adds workflows and specific tool for our daily design process. The “ADMM Property Sets” creation tool saves us thousands of hours and eliminates human errors. Also the Corridor Setup and Export tools including the ability to use the translation command on sub-assemblies plus all the Property Set Management tools are saving us hundreds of hours, The Naviate team has also been very agile in adding new features that we have requested.
Trevor Norman
Principal CAD Technician
Kier Professional Services

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