Naviate Nexus for Revit

Work directly with classification in Autodesk Revit and your BIM model. Naviate Nexus for Revit works with many standards and is built on CCS as the core standard. CCS is based on international standards and is a common language and methodology for structuring data.

Classify your elements with standards

With the integration to Revit you can classify all elements and building objects with a specific standard, such as CCS, BIM7AA, SfB, and other available standards. You can manage types directly in the Revit model and automatically check multiple Revit files across projects. The integration with Revit is live data with the Naviate Nexus for Revit in the Naviate Nexus Portal, securing that all data is always updated and synchronized with all the Revit model files attached to the project and the Naviate Nexus Portal

Save time
Optimize workflows

Full support for collaboration

Naviate Nexus for Revit integration adds an extra menu with features to add classification and identification, as well as managing parameters and Revit families. Simply select a class, select Revit objects, and add the classes. Add properties based on international standardized structures like IFC, Cobie etc., with the right parameter definitions. This secures a seamless exchange of information and project collaboration.

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