Naviate Nexus Connector

Naviate Nexus Connector is the plugin you use between Revit and Nexus portal to login and have direct access to your project.

Seamless communication

Naviate Nexus Connector ensures seamless communication between your desktop and the Naviate Nexus Portal project.

Save time
Optimize workflows

Work on the latest, most up-to-date data

The Nexus Connector provides you access to all the information in Naviate Nexus on your local Desktop. It handles a central login for Naviate Nexus for Revit, and in the future also for Nexus for Dynamo and Nexus for Simple BIM. The built-in cache is automatically updated each hour, making it possible to work offline with the newest data from Nexus.

Connect with other Desktop applications

Access to Nexus Portal is even smoother with the built-in browser in Nexus Connector. If you want to integrate Nexus with other Desktop Applications, the Nexus Connector will provide a local API.

Naviate Community

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